[KimDaBa] KimDaBa 2.0 is getting close - new snapshot available

Reimar Imhof Reimar.Imhof at netcologne.de
Sun Sep 12 19:52:41 BST 2004

Am Samstag, 11. September 2004 00:38 schrieb Jesper K. Pedersen:
> In a few days KIPI will be released, which means that kimdaba can initiate
> its own release procedures, with a KimDaBa 2.0 out of the door in hopefully
> a month or so.
> But before we are there, I need help from all of you.
> I need you to test kimdaba, and all the plugins. Testing the plugins is esp
> important, as I haven't done much testing with them myself.
Hello Jesper,

this is what I found out:

One problem I had with the snapshot 2004-07-18 is gone:
Thumbnails for the tool tip view are created with good quality with this 

I still have a problem with plugins and rotation information:
If I put an rotation angle (e.g. 90 degree) to an image not the image is 
rotated but that information is kept in the index.xml file.
When I put such an image to a plugin, the plugin obviously doesn't know 
anything about rotation and displays the image like it's found on my hard 
Do you think it's possible to inform the plugins about that rotation? Or is it 
possible to create temporary rotated pictures to go into a plugin?

Then I found another problem with plugins:
When I play around with your test database plugins work fine, they show the 
pictures in the database.
If I try my own pictures the plugins don't show them.
For example: I run the "Find Duplicate Images" plugin.
That one gives me some duplicate images but does not show them in the preview.
I compared the shown filenames with my KimDaBa database and see this pictures 
are similar. So the plugin was able to read the pictures but not able to 
display them.
I wonder why my pictures are not shown. Perhaps it's because they're file size 
is to big (about 1.2-5 MB). But this is just a guess, I just don't know.
An other guess is the resolution: They got 2560x1920 pixels.
I ran KimDaBa from a command console to get some error messages. But it just 
didn't complain about my pictures :-(  (still no idea)

I'm using KDE 3.3.0 and Qt 3.3.3 as supported by SuSE for there SuSE linux 

I hope this does help you a little.


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