[KimDaBa] KIPI test, Kamera Klient crash

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Sun Sep 12 09:14:52 BST 2004

| == Plugins which I tested and works well ==
| Archive to CD, HTML Export, Batch *, Create Calendar,
| Set as background, Adjust Time and date,
| Transform > * (while I don't understand what "Exif Rotate/Flip
| adjustment" means and does)
| Email images, Screenshot
Gilles, please observe that Archive to cd seems to work for Jean-Michael, 
wonder if it is a bug in my setup that makes it fail for me.
Jean-Michel did you actually burn a cd?

| == Kamera Klient ==
| Like before, Kamera Klient works fine, but always when I quit Kimdaba,
| KameraKlient call writeSettings() in his destructor and make the whole app
| crash A backtrace is attached.
Tudor, didn't we discuss this earlier on? Did you have a look at it?


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