[KimDaBa] kimdaba new feature request

Sam Jean-Samuel.Wienin at ema.fr
Thu Sep 9 10:54:09 BST 2004

Le 09.09.2004 10:23, Jesper K. Pedersen :
> | Second good news, I you just want to copy the pictures, I have a trick
> | for you to do that without upgrading :
> |
> | launch konsole
> | launch kimdaba
> | Select the pictures you want
> | Type "cp " in konsole
> | Drag and drop the selected pictures from kimdaba in konsole
> | Type the destination directory then Enter
> | That´s it.
> Man i like that feature, esp. because I wasn't aware of it till rather 
> recently ;-)
> If you use konsole as you shell, no need to type cp etc, when the images are 
> dropped then, console will ask you if you want to copy,move, or link the 
> images.

Thank you.

The good news is that after a few test, it's possible to simply drag'n 
drop images from Kimdaba to Konqueror (on kde).

The bad one it that I lost my evening yesterday.

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