[KimDaBa] application note for newbies--getting started with kimdaba

Barney Toma barney.toma at alumni.usc.edu
Sun Oct 31 15:38:45 GMT 2004

Hi all.
I first of all wanted to congratulate the author for writing a superb 
Now for the application note.
I've found that the best useage for me of the program is to enter all my 
photos but not to label them.
I found that most of my photos are practice photos--practicing 
photography technique--rather than subjective photographs.  Therefore I 
need to sort through the junk and select 5 out of 50 good ones.  This is 
where kimdaba excels.  I can quickly proof the photos and find the gems 
as long as I don't spend 3hours labeling all of the junk photos.  When I 
have narrowed the field from 50 downto 5, then labeling and html page 
generation is a trivial task.  Cheers!            Barney Toma

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