[KimDaBa] WARNING about "Sort Selected By Date and Time"

Sam Jean-Samuel.Wienin at ema.fr
Fri Oct 22 09:55:06 BST 2004


I compile Kimdaba on my mandrake 10.1 com.

I meet a problem using the "Selected By Date and Time" functionality : 
kimdaba crash and *loose the data on the database*.

Exemple :
- I have around 5000 images.
- I select all images with "Mr. X" (500 images)
- I order them by date (anser "ok" at the warning message)
- Kimdaba crash
- After restart, only 23 images contain "Mr. X"

Other problem : kimdaba don't take care of "long" format date (01 janv. 
2004) for a picture (or a group of pictures). You must enter 01/01/2004 
if you want kimdaba to remember it.

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