[KimDaBa] KimDaBa 2.0 is getting close - new snapshot available

Reimar Imhof Reimar.Imhof at netcologne.de
Sun Oct 3 22:57:29 BST 2004

Hi Jesper,

both problems still occur with the actual snapshot (2004-09-25).

But I just didn't find much time for testing, it's just a first very short 
For example the calender plugin: It seems to show jpegs less then about 1MB.
Bigger pictures were not shown in the preview and weren't loaded by the 
The funny thing is: Both, the small picture and the bigger ones are original 
pictures from my digi photo thing, both with same resolution, just taken at 
about the same time.

I tried the rotation problem with the html export plugin. That thing stopped 
with no cpu load but didn't return nor build more than one picture. The 
index.html file got a size of 0 byte. But even the first picture was shown in 
landscape even though I rotated it within kimdaba to portrait (rotation angle 
stored in the kimdaba index.xml file).

That's it for now.
If you want to, I could send a few pictures so you could have a test.


Am Mittwoch, 29. September 2004 22:05 schrieb Jesper K. Pedersen:
> Sorry if I already did answer this....
> | I still have a problem with plugins and rotation information:
> | If I put an rotation angle (e.g. 90 degree) to an image not the image is
> | rotated but that information is kept in the index.xml file.
> | When I put such an image to a plugin, the plugin obviously doesn't know
> | anything about rotation and displays the image like it's found on my hard
> | disk.
> | Do you think it's possible to inform the plugins about that rotation? Or
> | is it possible to create temporary rotated pictures to go into a plugin?
> This should work, which plugin did you try with? I tried with the calender
> plugin, plus the border image plugin (the preview is wrong, I'm fixing that
> now)
> | Then I found another problem with plugins:
> | When I play around with your test database plugins work fine, they show
> | the pictures in the database.
> | If I try my own pictures the plugins don't show them.
> | For example: I run the "Find Duplicate Images" plugin.
> | That one gives me some duplicate images but does not show them in the
> | preview. I compared the shown filenames with my KimDaBa database and see
> | this pictures are similar. So the plugin was able to read the pictures
> | but not able to display them.
> | I wonder why my pictures are not shown. Perhaps it's because they're file
> | size is to big (about 1.2-5 MB). But this is just a guess, I just don't
> | know. An other guess is the resolution: They got 2560x1920 pixels.
> | I ran KimDaBa from a command console to get some error messages. But it
> | just didn't complain about my pictures :-(  (still no idea)
> |
> | I'm using KDE 3.3.0 and Qt 3.3.3 as supported by SuSE for there SuSE
> | linux 8.2.
> Is this still unresolved?

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