[KimDaBa] rotation bug..

Gael Beaudoin gael at gaboo.org
Mon Nov 29 21:34:44 GMT 2004

Sorry, me again :/
This is not spam lol

I first rotate some of my photos in kimdaba. It changes an attribute in the xml databas, everything was correct inside kimdaba.
I then saw that they weren't modified on the hard drive so I decided to really rotate them using another tool.

Back in kimbada, the thumbnails are correct (because they were made before), but when I view them, they're not because of the "angle" attribute.
I deleted the thumbnail directory when kimdaba made the thumbs again, they weren't ok.

I dunno how you could handle this. I rotated the photos outside of kimdaba and it did not see that.

I had to manually edit the xml file. As it is 2 meg large, I used "# sed s/angle=\"270\"/angle=\"0\"/g index.xml > index2.xml" in order to fix that.

Thanks again,


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