[KimDaBa] Easy access to rotate a photo

Gael Beaudoin gael at gaboo.org
Mon Nov 29 20:27:44 GMT 2004

Hello :)

I recently decided to sort all my photos using kimdaba after being successfully pleased with only few photos.
I have at the moment more than 6000 photos. Lots of them have to be rotated.
Would it be possible to make the rotate shortcuts (by default 7, 8 and 9) available in thumbnail mode ?
It would greatly speed up my task.

Currently, I have to view them or to edit them. I have several hundreds of photos to sort ...

Moreover, when viewing a photo and using a rotate shortcut, it rotates, but the thumbnail view isn't updated.
It works when rotating the photo inside the image configuration window (that is, the thumbnail view is updated, but it's very slow here :( )

I hope you understand my english ;)

Thanks again for your so great and appreciated work.


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