[KimDaBa] Search bar & CategoryEditor & Quick tagging (following)

Jean-Michel FAYARD jmfayard at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 13:48:13 GMT 2004

Hello Jesper, hello list, I just tried the CVS version

* Thanks Jesper for the new search bar, that´s just awesome.

* I see that the new CategoryEditor now shows only items from the current image.
Maybe I´m missing something obvious (too slow ?) , but can´ t Kimdaba
just pick the first picture with "Ann Helen" it founds[1] for the
default large icon for Ann Helen ?
You can always use the CategoryEditor after that if you don´t like the
default icon, but at least you don´t have to do that manually for your
500 persons, so that scales better ;-)

[1] Better idea : 
Pick the first picture with ONLY Ann Helen (it´s likely to be more
specific to recognize Ann Helen)
If it doesn´t work, pick the first picture with Ann Helen
If it doesn´t work, the default KDE icon, just like today.

* Has someone noticed the nice idea that William Holland made
while we were smiling at a joke from Jesper ?

> Secondly, as I look through the images I would like to be able to tag them in
> an 'ultra quick way' eg typing 't' or something, so that I can select the
> tagged ones later, and then perform some operation (setting key words, or in 
> my case emailing them)

I didn´t understand at first, but that´s a rich idea : that would be
the viewer/slideshow version of "Images -> Limit view to selected".

Say I am watching my 300 pictures of my trip in the USA, and while
that slideshow I see that :
- this (picture #4 in the slideshow) picture is junk, delete it
- this one (#6) is wonderful, I need print them
- those are (#8, #11, #15) wonderful too
- Oh, here (#120) and there (#125) I forget someone on the picture. I
have to correct that
- ... whatever else

In Kimdaba you can stop the slideshow and change that and then restart
the slideshow each time. But William´s suggestion is far better, you
just select
'Right Click -> Mark picture as selected' or, more quickly, just type ´M´ and 
let the slideshow continue.
When the slideshow ends or when you quit the viewer, the thumbnails
view shows only #4, #6, #8, #11, #15, #20 and #25 and you can do your
changes from there, all at one time.

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