[KimDaBa] Ideas...

Eivind ekj at zet.no
Wed Nov 17 10:49:39 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 16 November 2004 20:18, William Holland wrote:

> What I mean by this, is that I have photographs that I regularly view,
> but hardly ever print out.  In order to do this, I would find it better
> to have a 'monitor' resolution image, which is attached in some way to
> the original. Personally I do not have much requirement for a 2500x2000
> image on a 1600x1200 monitor, and my CPU would probably be much quicker
> at rendering it.

This is, in my mind only a spesific example of the more general idea that 
there can be more than one image-file that correspond to one and the same 

It would indeed be neat for Kimdaba to be able to somehow understand that 
multiple different image-files is still one "picture". I have, for 
example, raw *and* jpeg versions (sometimes even in multiple resolutions) 
of most (not all) my pictures. When I tag one of these as, for example 
"Person: Eivind" it'd be neat if Kimdaba understood that that means they 
*all* contain Eivind. Similarily, I do not really need 3 versions of the 
same image to show up in the thumbnail-list. 

To do this, one would need to change the file-format of kimdaba sligthly.

Currently the fundamental unit image has properties file and md5sum as 
properties. These would need to change into submembers, aproximately like 

<image monthFrom="9" ....>
	<file filename="vinter2003/dcp2037.raw" md5sum="8b2e9993da8c7" />
	<file filename="vinter2003/dcp2037.jpg" md5sum="93daff01746d2" />
    	<option name="Persons" >
     		<value value="Eivind" />

I imagine the trickier part is how to neatly integrate this all into the 

		Eivind Kjørstad

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