[KimDaBa] description

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Sun Nov 7 17:47:59 GMT 2004

On Sunday 07 November 2004 03:28, Gael Beaudoin wrote:
| Hello, me again :p
| Images descriptions are stored in the xml file. Why not having an option to
| store them in the exif info ?
Just because :-)
KimDaaBa do not touch images files, by design.

| I know there's an option in kimdaba, but it do not affect description.
| Moreover, I have some image wich curently have exif description and
| there're not read by kimdaba.
Though should be, are you using KimDaBa 2.0?
If yes, please send me (in a private mail) one of the images with EXIF info 
that does not work.


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