[KimDaBa] Digikam and Kimdaba in one root directory.

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Sat May 8 00:05:18 BST 2004


Digikam and Kimdaba are two apps which offer very good
possibilities to manage photos. It is unlikely and rather
unnecessary to merge them or add features of one to another.

But both could be used as a frontend to one image collection.

Why? Digikam offers very good interface for importing images
from digital cameras, arranging them into albums and collections
and exporting them to HTML or CD. 

OTOH when collection grews very big or contains many trivia from
long years, many vacations, events, etc. managing them or finding
one image can be troublesome (I have already problems with 500 items 
collection in Digikam).  Here comes Kimdaba - its database driven 
interface speedups looking for one image or small subset of them.

But managing two collections separately, or moving resources from one 
collection to another is time consuming. How cooperation could be 

Some ideas:

1. Kimdaba could use collection and album names from Digikam to classify 
2. Same for comments.
3. Digikam could use Kimdaba ThumbNails to speedup displaying of 


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