[KimDaBa] Little problem with EXIF dates and orientation info + buglet?

Marco Caldarelli caldarel at yahoo.it
Wed May 5 17:20:34 BST 2004

Hi Neilen,

you're right, I forgot the date: to update it you should do something
similar to what I explained for the orientation: copy in the file
imageinfo.cpp lines 418-446 (from line //Date up to line //Time) and paste
it after line 415: this is the part that updates the dates.
Recompile and do Maintenance->Read time...
(with the original ``(*it)->readExif((*it)->fileName(),ImageInfo::Time);''
in line 565 of imagedb.cpp, and delete the orientation part if you added it
before). This should do the work.

In fact it would be nice to extend the function readExif to accept something
more general than ImageInfo::Time and ImageInfo::Init as argument, as you
say. If such an extention is of interest, I can try to write a patch, it
should not be very difficult. I would also like to have the possibility
to apply the Maintenance->Read time info from files... action only to the
selected images.

> OK, and now onto the buglet. It seems that the 10s of seconds are
> incorrectly imported.  The 10's of seconds are always 0.
> That is, times are always xx:xx:0x, where the x's represent the correct
> time info. This seems to be consistent among all my photos.

I also noticed this buglet. In fact, before to report it here I wanted to do
some more tests: I have the same problem on my Mandrake 10 installation
(well, not exactly, the 10's of seconds is sometimes 0, sometimes 4 :)
but I noticed yesterday that on my Debian testing installation the ten's of
seconds are set perfectly well. So it may not be a problem in Kimdaba but in
the kfilemetainfo library. But I'm not sure of this..


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