[KimDaBa] MPEG encoder

Rafael Beccar rafabeccar at speedy.com.ar
Wed May 5 04:07:41 BST 2004

Hi Jesper,

I think the mpeg encoder is not working properly with Kimdaba. See the 
descrition below:

- First I Select some pictures

- Then I do: Tools -> MPEG Encoder -> Encode

So, I am getting the following message:

The encoding process is terminated...
Encoding duration : 00:00:00

This is supposed to generate an mpeg movie with the pictures I have 
chosen. But none file is generated.

If I go to "Show process messages", it shows something like this:


images2mpg --with-gui  -f SVCD -n NTSC -d 10 -t 2 -c 000 
-T /tmp/kde-rafa/kipi-mpegencoder-11725/ -M /usr/bin -I /usr/bin 
-o /home/rafa/Documents/output.mpg -i  


When I copy and run this from the command line, the movie file is 
actually generated.

So, it seems the mpeg encoder works from the command line but it doesn't 
work when is invoked from inside Kimdaba.

I hope it helps.


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