[KimDaBa] Proposal for branch project

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Sat Mar 27 12:24:34 GMT 2004

>Jesper, don't reply to this immediately.  Let it "set on your brain" for 
>a week or so, then let me know your thoughts.
>It's sounds completely "whacked" on first blanch, but...
>KSoDaBa  -- the K Sound Database
>So, the kids and I shot a little video of "a monster" attacking a 
>village.  15 seconds.  What it needs is sound effects.  So, off to 
>Google I go, and I locate several thousand free sound effects.
>Problem: I have no way to organize them and track them for when I need them.
>Then, it occurs to me, "If I could mangle KimDaBa into a Sound Database, 
>I'd be set!"
>Just thinking out loud.  Maybe I'll take the principles I've learned 
>from KimDaBa and being on this list and write a Sound Database for the 
>web.... now there's a thought....
>Happy Spring, everyone!

I've just joined the mailing list but found this message in the archives.
I had been thinking of similar ideas myself.
Others have commented that this belongs in the filesystem. But a lot of 
those comments could apply to KImdaba itself.
My view of it is, maybe it does in the long run, but its not there now, 
so why not make something now rather than waiting for the file system?
I see KimDaBa as a way to browse & categorise information (in this case 
images) - its a user interface to that process.
Whether the actual metadata is stored in an index file like KimDaBa does 
it or in a special place in the file system isn't that important - 
Kimdaba could easily be adapted to work on file system metadata, and so 
could any broader system. What's important (and brilliant about KimDaBa) 
is the ease of use etc.

Anyway the main aspect of KImdaba that wouldn't work easily for 
non-images is previewing thumbnails.
But there's a whole lot of stuff that is relevant and could be applied.

I think, rather than writing a whole lot of different apps (Images, 
Sound, Text, etc) it would be cool to have one app that would handle a 
variety of media types, and use the same categorisation system for all 
of them. In addition, it would be cool to be able to share that 
information - I was wondering about using PyImdaba to make a web-based 
browsing system.
If something like this handled not just images but sound, text, etc, it 
could become a kind of multimedia-meta-blogging system.


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