[KimDaBa] poll: Do you use partial dates (Everybody answer please)

urs roesch urs at synthetik.ch
Sun Mar 21 06:00:59 GMT 2004

Jesper K. Pedersen [blackie at kde.org] wrote:
> Hi.
> I'd like to get some input from you all, so I'd be very happy if you all would 
> just hit the reply button (and ensure the mail only goes to me - not to the 
> list)
> In week 16 I've taken the week of to work on KimDaBa, and one thing I'll work 
> on is the image configure dialog, for that work I have a bunch of questions:
> How Many images do you have in KimDaBa: 
3300 but haven't finished consolidation yet likely to grow to 4000+ in the near Future

> How large a percentage of your images are scanned in: 
There are a couple of images from ImageCDs and PhotoCDs but it is probably less than 10%

> In KimDaBa it is possible to specify a partial date, e.g. this picture is from 
> 1985 (in contract to this images is from 11/7-1985). 
> Is this a feature you use: 
Since I'm still classifying the pictures I have not yet checked the dates on them but I think that this feature will be used for the images from CDs that do not have EXIF data. 


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