[KimDaBa] external programs

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Thu Mar 11 07:58:25 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 10 March 2004 22:12, Jody Harris wrote:
> Jesper,
> I like the ability to invoke external programs in 1.1, but I would like:
>   - to be able to send a group of selected photos to an external program
>   - to be able to send the selected photos to the program of my choice
> I had suggested at one time the possibility of just dumping a list of
> the images with full paths to a text file, or may be even the clipboard.
>   That would allow me to quickly create a tarball or zip, or run the
> selected photos through an external filter and dump them to the location
> of my choosing.
I'm sure that will come with the plugin structure we are working on
(All digikam plugins will hopefully work with kimdaba in a future versions)

Notes: Previously I wrote KimDaBa not kimdaba. It is still called KimDaBa, but 
unfortunately it is not written automatically for me anymore, as I changed 
mailclient from one built in to Emacs (which could do the replacement of 
kimdaba with KimDaBa for me), to KMail, which I haven't figured out to get to 
do that ;-)

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