[KimDaBa] Size of preview and closing of preview window.

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Tue Mar 2 14:08:49 GMT 2004

Mikolaj Machowski <mikmach at wp.pl> writes:

| Hello,
| Size of previews:
| 	For storing images from digital camera or scans scaling previews to
| 	256 pixels has sense but with its database backend Kimdaba is an
| 	ideal tool to store elements eg. for web development (web, arrow,
| 	left, b&w) and here scaling those tiny elements (20x20 pixels) up to
| 	256 is a nonsense.  Please make preview size option "up to 256
| 	pixels" - if original image is smaller than 256 pixels show it in
| 	its natural size, if bigger rescale it to 256 pixels.
If you are talking about the viewer, then it is on my todo list.
On my todo list.

| Closing of preview window:
| 	Preview window doesn't react on KDE standard Ctrl+W. Also helpful
| 	here would be <Esc> like in KMail's message viewers and other help
| 	dialogs in KDE. Q is nice but not standard in this DE.

| Image properties:
| 	How I can see image properties like size?
you can't

| Show Category Editor:
| 	Choice is:
| 	Set Close
| 	Shouldn't it be rather more common:
| 	Apply Cancel ?
nope, you can keep it open and set for many images.

| Thumbnail in main window quality:
| 	How Kimdaba creates thumbnails for main window? They have lower
| 	quality than image previews in Konqueror which is rather strange.
Thanks for telling me, I'm really bad at seeing such things.
Now I'm using a better scaling algorithm from Qt.

| Size of thumbnails in main window:
| 	Please make it like icons in Konq... Also file-tooltips would be
| 	great.
The size is configurable, I'm not sure what you want more.

| Import with keyword:
| 	This is the feature I miss much (or cannot find it). I would like to
| 	point folder and order: import all image files (*.png, *.gif, *.tiff
| 	- standard KFileDialog is all you need) with keywords: xxxx, yyyy.
| 	'OK' trick is nice but IMO slightly immature.
I'm afraid I don't understand the above.

| Themes:
| 	In page template navigation bar is:
|     <td align="center" class="navbar">< **PREV** | **INDEX** | **NEXT** 
| ></td>
| 	It produces something like:
| 	<td align="center" class="navbar">< <a
| 	href="image1-fullsize.html">prev</a> | <a
| 	href="index-fullsize.html">index</a> | <a
| 	href="image3-fullsize.html">next</a> ></td>
| 	But what if I want to create my own theme with images instead of
| 	text-nav? I know, I can run sed/perl after that but it isn't very
| 	user-friendly. 
| 	This thing is hardcoded into htmlexportdialog.cpp:
| 		link = QString::fromLatin1( "<a href=\"%1\">prev</a>" ).arg(
| 		namePage( width, height, prevInfo->fileName() ) );
| 	The only solution I see is to create themes classes: text nav or
| 	image nav and after checking in .themes file class use 
| 		link = QString::fromLatin1( "<a href=\"%1\"><img
| 			href=\"prev.png\"></a>" ).arg( namePage( width, height,
| 			prevInfo->fileName() ) );

I have little to none motivation on fighting the HTML export anymore, so
please talk to teemu.rytilahti at kde-fi.org who have already worked a bit on
that code.

| Kimdaba is great thing but it needs some polish. Newbie without strong
| motivation to use it will have hard time.
*sigh* you ask for additions and expect polishing.
It is indeed not easy to make everyone happy ;-)


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