[KimDaBa] Size of preview and closing of preview window.

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Sun Feb 29 17:49:05 GMT 2004

Dnia Monday 01 of March 2004 10:55, Jean-Michel FAYARD napisaƂ:
> >Image properties:
> >	How I can see image properties like size?
> When KimDaBa lacks a feature, like this one currently, you can always
> use another tool :
> an aswer could be :
>     Right clic > Invoke Externel Program > Kuickshow > Alt + Enter

Thanks but properties like this is fundamental for image viewer.
Even in konqueror with tooltips I can see:
Type, Size, Modified, Owner, Permissions, Software, Dimensions, Bit
depth, Color mode, Compression.

Modified, Owner and Permissions are file manager things and unnecessary
in Kimdaba, but rest are important informations for image viewing and

> For the future : Jesper and the developpers of Digikam, gwenview and
> ShowImg are working towards a common plugin architecture
> (discussion is on Digikam-devel mailing-list mirrored here
> http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.kde.digikam.devel )

I read about that in archives and I hope Kimdaba will get decent image
browser as KPart (like gwenview).

> Showing images properties could be done via such a plugin.
> >Size of thumbnails in main window:
> >	Please make it like icons in Konq... Also file-tooltips would be
> >	great.
> Like Ctrl-T or "Help > Show tooltips " do ?
> (It's not by default since it is too intrusive).

OK, but where are infos? And why tooltip is going after cursor...


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