[KimDaBa] Size of preview and closing of preview window.

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Sat Feb 28 23:18:04 GMT 2004



Size of previews:
	For storing images from digital camera or scans scaling previews to
	256 pixels has sense but with its database backend Kimdaba is an
	ideal tool to store elements eg. for web development (web, arrow,
	left, b&w) and here scaling those tiny elements (20x20 pixels) up to
	256 is a nonsense.  Please make preview size option "up to 256
	pixels" - if original image is smaller than 256 pixels show it in
	its natural size, if bigger rescale it to 256 pixels.

Closing of preview window:
	Preview window doesn't react on KDE standard Ctrl+W. Also helpful
	here would be <Esc> like in KMail's message viewers and other help
	dialogs in KDE. Q is nice but not standard in this DE.

Image properties:
	How I can see image properties like size?

Show Category Editor:
	Choice is:
	Set Close

	Shouldn't it be rather more common:
	Apply Cancel ?

Thumbnail in main window quality:
	How Kimdaba creates thumbnails for main window? They have lower
	quality than image previews in Konqueror which is rather strange.

Size of thumbnails in main window:
	Please make it like icons in Konq... Also file-tooltips would be

Import with keyword:
	This is the feature I miss much (or cannot find it). I would like to
	point folder and order: import all image files (*.png, *.gif, *.tiff
	- standard KFileDialog is all you need) with keywords: xxxx, yyyy.
	'OK' trick is nice but IMO slightly immature.

	In main window are two columns 
	Category           Count. 
	Keywords           4 images
	Locations          1 image
	Persons            6 images

	Two problems:
		a) In Keywords are defined 4 keywords with 150 images in total,
		this is misleading.
		b) Putting in each category 'None' is also misleading...

	In page template navigation bar is:
    <td align="center" class="navbar">< **PREV** | **INDEX** | **NEXT** 

	It produces something like:
	<td align="center" class="navbar">< <a
	href="image1-fullsize.html">prev</a> | <a
	href="index-fullsize.html">index</a> | <a
	href="image3-fullsize.html">next</a> ></td>

	But what if I want to create my own theme with images instead of
	text-nav? I know, I can run sed/perl after that but it isn't very

	This thing is hardcoded into htmlexportdialog.cpp:
		link = QString::fromLatin1( "<a href=\"%1\">prev</a>" ).arg(
		namePage( width, height, prevInfo->fileName() ) );

	The only solution I see is to create themes classes: text nav or
	image nav and after checking in .themes file class use 
		link = QString::fromLatin1( "<a href=\"%1\"><img
			href=\"prev.png\"></a>" ).arg( namePage( width, height,
			prevInfo->fileName() ) );
Kimdaba is great thing but it needs some polish. Newbie without strong
motivation to use it will have hard time.

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