[KimDaBa] Scraping new EXIF dates on "old" images

Jody Harris havoc at harrisdev.com
Fri Feb 27 05:53:26 GMT 2004

Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> blackie at kde.org (Jesper K. Pedersen) writes:
> Heck, you've been supportive to KimDaBa, let me add this to the maintenance
> menu. I'm completely overworked now, so don't expect to see it before, say
> in a couple of weeks though.

Jesper, Don't EVER think you owe me anything.  I think it would be nice 
to have, but not for future users.  Don't break KimDaBa for this 
feature.  It's really (in the long run) not worth it.

In retrospect, I could scrape index.xml for the dates, get the EXIF 
dates with metacam or ImageMagick, "whoop a little" search and replace 
on it and be "done before desert."

If I write a perl+ImageMagick (I don't use PerlMagick because it's a 
pain to install, and ImageMagick and Perl come with most every Linux 
Distro) tool, I'll send it back to you, if I don't feel it's too dangerous.

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