[KimDaBa] Announcement of KimDaBa version 1.1

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Sat Feb 14 16:04:46 GMT 2004

Of course you guys here deserve a real announcement so here it comes.
If interested in binary packages, I can inform you that packages for Ark
Linux, Debian, Suse and Gentoo is available from the home page.

I'd be happy for suggestions to places where I could send this
announcement, so far I've sent it to dot.kde.org, kde-announce mailing
list, and Linux Journal.

Kind Regards

KDE Image Database version 1.1 release
KimDaBa is an application for managing large amounts of images (we are
talking about hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands here). With
KimDaBa you specify in an easy and very fast way which person is on each image, where
its taken etc. Later these information is used when you search for
images or when you simply browse around in your collection of images.

That way its possible to find all the images you have of a given person in
tens of thousands of images within seconds, for example.

KimDaBa version 1.0 was announce here early December last year. Lots of
users started using KimDaBa back then, and lots of feature requested came
in. This version tries to honor the most wanted features, and thus
makes it an even more attractive application.

New in version 1.1 are:

- KimDaBa now reads image dates from EXIF information.
- Check sums are generated for the images, so the user can move them
  around on disk without KimDaBa loosing tracks.
- The HTML generation has largely been improved, and is now themeable.
- Lots of polishing has been done, it is for example now possible to configure
  keybindings, start external application on images, and see a large
  preview of images in the thumbnail view.
- Its now possible to set desktop background from within KimDaBa
- KimDaBa has been heavily optimized, so its fast even with many 
  thousands images.
- Lots of bugs has been closed, and during development lots of users has
  used weekly snapshots, which hopefully should ensure a pretty stable

For more information about KimDaBa, please have a look at its home page on

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