[KimDaBa] extrange behavior when I invoke an external program

Rafael Beccar rafabeccar at speedy.com.ar
Mon Apr 19 18:21:58 BST 2004


I've set the Thumbnail size to 380 (two columns of pictures per page) 
and I noticed that Kimdaba has an extrange behavior when I invoke an 
external program and the Thumbnails are set to this size.

To make this clearer I am giving here a descriptions of the steps I 

- I select the last image of a given page.
- I do: Right click -> Invoke External Program -> Current Image -> GIMP

The result of this is that GIMP does not open the picture I chose but 
one the pictures from the beggining of the page. 
Actually, Kimdaba has the same behavor if I select one of the pictures 
from the middle of the page instead of the last image.

My settings are:
Thumbnail size						380
Preview Image size	 				No preview image
Maximum images to show per page		24	

Screen resolution						800x600


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