[KimDaBa] CVS-update perlscript.

Johan Viklund johan.viklund.0705 at student.uu.se
Thu Apr 15 11:00:08 BST 2004

Hi everyone!

I've made a perlscript to update, compile and install the cvs-version of 
KimDaBa. If anyone is interested here it is.

You have to have the CVS version localy for it to work (the first 8 lines in 
the description 'Using KimDaBa from CVS' on the homepage), and the perl 
module Cvs (CPAN).

It's not beutiful, but it works. I really only made it for me but blackie 
thougt I should post it.

If anyone should improve it, please post the improvement.

/Johan Viklund, aka kv4kke
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