[KimDaBa] CVS mirrors

Rafael Beccar rafabeccar at speedy.com.ar
Sun Apr 11 19:50:10 BST 2004


I wrote this info for those who are interested in download Kimdaba from CVS. 
It is as accurate as possible but please, check the info yourself before 

As you can read in http://developer.kde.org/source/anoncvs.html

"The wildy used account anonymous at cvs.kde.org has been removed. Please use an 
anonymous cvs mirror! Most mirrors update every hour. "

So, It is now mandatory to use one of the mirrors listed below if you want to 
download kimdaba from CVS.

Notice that there are some steps to follow when switching between mirrors. 
Please, refer to http://developer.kde.org/source/anoncvs.html for details. Or 
you can just erase the CVS tree from your hard drive and download everything 
again using one of the mirrors.

Personally, I update my local kimdaba sources going to kimdaba directory and 
$ cvs update -dP
I know here are better methods, but I still don't understand them. 

There is more info about downloading Kimdaba from CVS at: 

KDE Mirrors:

- :pserver:anonymous at bluemchen.kde.org:/home/kde in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 
USA, maintained by Dirk Mueller
- :pserver:anonymous at pandmservices.com:/home2/webcvs/mirror in Hartford, 
Connecticut - USA (East Coast), maintained by Christopher Molnar
- :pserver:anonymous at kdecvs.student.utwente.nl:/home/kdecvs/kde in 
Netherlands, maintained by Tom Jansen
- :pserver:anoncvs at apelsin.fruitsalad.org:/cvs/kde in Sweden, maintained by 
Mattias Douhan

Happy Kimdaba week ! :-)

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