[KimDaBa] a couple more feature requests

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Wed Dec 10 18:11:49 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 10 December 2003 12:15 pm, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> Bruce Ravel <ravel at phys.washington.edu> writes:
> | Hi,
> |
> | 1.  When selecting a number of images and then choosing the "Set
> |     properties one image at a time" option, there doesn't appear to be
> |     any way to display the image currently being edited.  It would be
> |     useful to be able to click on the thumbnail in the upper right
> |     hand corner and have the image viewer pop up.  Maybe the problem
> |     is just that my brain is teeny-tiny, but I have trouble
> |     remembering what I want to say about each image in a selected
> |     group.
> You can drag the window containing the image of, and show it much larger on
> its own.

Aha!  That does indeed work quite well.  Thanks for the tip.

> | 2.  The little red bar that indicates where an image will be dropped
> |     in a drag-n-drop operation is sometime too small to be seen.  It
> |     seems that the red bar is drawn along the right or left side of
> |     the target thumbnail image.  If, however, the dragged image has a
> |     taller thumb than the target, the dragged image can obscure the
> |     red bar.  This can make it hard to know when it's time to drop the
> |     dragged object.  It would be nice if the red bar could be the
> |     entire height of the row of thumbs rather than the height of
> |     target thumb or more obvious in some other way.
> hmmm, isn't it the size of the thumb? could you make me a screen
> dump...hmmm I guess that would be difficult ;)

Attached is a slightly edited (cropped and annotated using the gimp,
but nothing in kimdaba is spoofed) snapshot of kimdaba in action.  The
drag-n-drop that I am showing is about to work as desired.  That is,
the dragged thumb will be dropped in between the two shorter thumbs.
However, the red bar is not visible.

And, yes, it *is* the size of the thumb.  Kimdaba, appropriately
enough, seems to preserve aspect ratio.  That's fine.  My gripe is
about the red bar which itself is only as tall as the thumb.  As you
can see, I am using kimdaba to organize images other than those from
my digital camera, thus I have images with all sorts of aspect ratios.


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