[KimDaBa] What about EXIF headers?

Valient Gough vgough at pobox.com
Thu Dec 4 04:41:17 GMT 2003

Hi Jody,

I also have a Canon 10D, and just started playing with kimdaba.

Most software doesn't understand the EXIF data in CRW files.  There are
programs, like metacam
(http://www.cheeseplant.org/~daniel/pages/metacam.html) that understand
the EXIF data in the accompanied thumbnail (*.thm - which are really
just jpeg files) - just about everything down to the serial number of
the camera.

Buf for just date and time, check out the fixdates program at
http://www.cybercom.net  -- it seems it isn't too hard to pull out the
date and time (although I don't know how portable that is to other
formats, or even other models of Canon cameras).

I haven't used ImageMagick much -- how do you get the EXIF information


On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 19:52, Jody Harris wrote:

> I downloaded kimdaba this afternoon (after seeing a note about it on 
> LWN), and I'm really thrilled about it!
> There is one thing that would, I believe, really enhance it -- EXIF 
> handling.
> I shoot a Canon 10D.  Like most modern digicams, it stores extensive 
> data in the EXIF headers.  Much of the information is proprietary, but 
> most of the good stuff follows the EXIF standard.  Most critically, date 
> and time.
> Since the timestamps on my images never match the creation time, getting 
> this info from the EXIF headers would be invaluable.
> Unfortunately, I'm a photographer and a Perl hack.  I do know that there 
> are C libraries for harvesting info from the EXIF headers, though. 
> Also, ImageMagick does a good job of extracting that info.  ImageMagick 
> is installed by default on most modern Linux distros that I'm aware of.
> Just thoughts.
> I really hope I can be an asset on this list and not just a pain.
> havoc
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