[Korganizer-devel] [Bug 169336] Events excluded or deleted in a recurring event block still show in other clients subscribed to a calendar (see RFC 2445 re. EXDATE)

Marten marten at dmfs.org
Sun May 13 21:38:30 UTC 2012


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Please open this bug again! Who says this is RFC 2445 compliant? Have you ever
thought about this issue?

Yes, VALUE=DATE is valid for EXDATE, but only for all-day events, not for
DATE-TIME events.
I know that RFC 2445 is not clear about that, but it takes just a minute to
understand that a VALUE=DATE EXDATE in combination to a VALUE=DATE-TIME DTSTART
won't work.

Just consider a daily repeating event (e.g. a conference call) with

What would happen if someone in New York get's this invitation? He would take
his telephone on 2012-01-09 at 9:00 pm and dial the conference number but no
one in Berlin would join in since it's already Jan 10th in Berlin. On the next
day the guys in Berlin would join the conference call but the guy in New York
would be absent.

Remember VALUE=DATE means the date is floating and always in local time!

This combination of DATE and DATE-TIME values is ambiguous. The specs say that
the type of the DTSTART and the DTEND value must match. I guess it should be
clear now that this is true for EXDATE as well, just like it is for
RECURRENCEID and the original instance's DTSTART.

An EXDATE is pointless if it doesn't specify the exact instance that is
excluded. You should think of an EXDATE as some kind of RECURRENCEID for events
that don't take place.

That's the reason that no other client creates VALUE=DATE EXDATEs unless the
event is an all-day event.

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