[Korganizer-devel] [Bug 252017] Rework the access settings (private, public, confidential) in korganizer

Sergio Martins iamsergio at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 18:52:52 CEST 2010


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--- Comment #1 from Sergio Martins <iamsergio gmail com>  2010-09-28 18:52:51 ---
For completeness, here's the e-mail I sent to kdepim about this:

> As outlined in [1] I suggest we remove the "Access" setting
> from the event editor and implement a mapping of categories:
> Setting   Category
> public <->  <none of the other>
> private <-> private
> confidential <-> confidential
> This is especially helpful for Kontact-Mobile where screenspace is even
> more valuable than with the desktop Kontact. But I believe the desktop
> version would also profit from the change.

These are korg's categories on a new environment: Appointment,
Birthday, Business, Education, Holiday, Meeting, Miscellaneous,
Personal, Phone Call, Special Occasion, Travel, Vacation, [private?,

I really don't like the fact that some categories have hidden
logic/magic associated with them, instead of just plain tags.

For example, only a few weeks ago I discovered that events in the
Birthday and Holiday category are displayed on kontact's special dates

Currently korganizer uses the "Access" to hide stuff in the print and
html export dialogs, so "private" and "confidential" would be two more
categories that influence logic/code.

Then, users will start asking questions like "What happens if I put
this event in the Education category?", or "What's the feature
associated with the Phone Call category?", and don't realize these are

RFC2445 says it's up to the application to decide what to do with the
classification field. Korg-desktop uses it in the print dialog. If
korg-mobile doesn't have a print dialog I would suggest to simply
remove this Priate/Confidential feature from the phone.

(and about the access/sensivity wording, i totally agree)


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