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--- Comment #8 from Tim <tim klassen gmail com>  2010-09-09 10:04:57 ---
I'd like to resurrect this wish as it has great potential. And I'd like to add
to the prior comment... that categories should be able to be viewed in groups. 
I have many todos and many categories -- too many to handle the way korganizer
currently manages the views.  

So, for example, if my categories where:
 - when-ASAP
 - when-this week
 - when-this month
 - when-this year
 - when-someday
 - where-home
 - where-store
 - where-office
I could then select which categories I would like to see.. for instance
when-ASAP and where-store, and they would be listed together in one view like:

  all the todos with this category with designated columns

  all the todos with this category...

As a bonus, it would be nice if I could just dray a todo from one category to
another to change the category (but I would be happy if just the grouping
feature was implemented.)

I believe that these changes could be included in the filter manager (although
it maybe should be renamed to "view manager" or similar).

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