[Korganizer-devel] [Bug 206110] Remote ftp-calendar doesn't remember user account information

Andreas Pietzowski andreas at pietzowski.de
Thu Feb 11 17:00:31 CET 2010


--- Comment #4 from Andreas Pietzowski <andreas pietzowski de>  2010-02-11 17:00:29 ---
...and continues in 4.4.0. Every 5 minutes an authorization dialog pops up and
asks me again and again for my username and password. The password is already
filled in (maybe through kwallet feature) but I always have to click OK in the
dialog that it disappears. That's really annoing because other FTP connection
within KDE are queued until I close that authorization dialog.

Another thing: Only ftp works, sftp is not working at all in KOrganizer since
KDE 4.4.0.

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