[Korganizer-devel] [Bug 109449] Wrong day view for events lasting more than 1 month

Reinhold Kainhofer reinhold at kainhofer.com
Mon Jan 1 16:01:33 CET 2007

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------- Additional Comments From reinhold kainhofer com  2007-01-01 16:01 -------
> I have currently an event which last for 40 days and has no time
> associated (in fact is just represents that I am not in my office but
> in a visit in a different country). The problem is that all the views
> (week, month, etc...) show the event without any problem except the
> day view. In the day view, I can't see the even in the last 10 days,
> that is, the event is from the 19th sep to 30th oct and if I go to
> the day 25th sep, I can see the event but if I go the 25th oct, then
> the event is not shown.

You are right, that's a problem only in the day view, if one day has quite a 
large width. The problem is that we create the widget for the event with its 
proper coordinates starting at the correct beginning date (which is not 
visible on the left). For very long events, the widget thus exceeds the 
maximum widget width...

However, changing this is not so easy, as we need the start date (and in 
particular the correct new date) when moving the events...



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