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I'm seeing a similar thing happen.  I'm on Debian unstable, using KDE 4.6.5 and
Konversation 1.3.1+ #4092.  I update my machine every week or so, usually
involving a reboot.

I started seeing this weirdness about a week ago, and thought a reboot would
fix it.  A reboot (or even a restart of Konversation) does put all the tabs
back into order again, but I think(!) that changing the order of the tabs (with
the mouse - dragging them to a new position) confuses most or all of the tab
names (not just the ones that I moved).

I'm attached to two irc servers - freenode and a company internal server.  I
have one channel open on freenode, and 5+ on the internal one.  Curiously on my
tabs I see that the colour-dots are sane - the blue tabs reflect server
contents, though they are both named wrong (one is named by the other server
name, the other is named as a channel name).  Red-dots are accurately
identifying private chats, but are also named improperly.

Happy to do some exploring if you can think of a good test.  I suppose removing
all my (nicely tweaked) konversation configuration files would be a good start.
 I shall report back if I discover anything useful.

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