[Konversation-devel] Konversation's Git repository has moved

Eike Hein hein at kde.org
Fri Jun 18 23:48:59 CEST 2010

Back in December 2009, Konversation made the move from Subversion to
Git as its version control solution. In the course of that, our source
code moved from KDE's Subversion server to the Gitorious.org platform.
Konversation was the second KDE project after Amarok to do so; the goal
was to test the waters for the eventual migration of KDE as a whole.

Recently, however, KDE's Git migration has changed course a bit: In-
stead of moving to Gitorious.org, we have decided to host our Git re-
positories within our own infrastructure[1,2]. For the projects that
already moved to Gitorious.org - by now, more than a dozen - this means
a second move, and again Amarok and Konversation have moved first to
help prepare the ground.

Our wiki[3] has already been updated, but let's go over the new URLs /
commands right here:

* Repository browsing:
  http://projects.kde.org/projects/konversation/repository (using Redmine)
  http://git.kde.org/konversation/konversation/ (using cgit)

* Read-only Git access:
  git clone git://git.kde.org/konversation/konversation.git

* Read-write Git access (for developers):
  git clone git at git.kde.org:konversation/konversation.git

(Note: If you already have a clone, you don't have to clone again.
Rather, you can use 'git remote origin set-url <new url>' to switch
over to the new URL.)

Commit access to the repository on Gitorious.org has been revoked, and
once we've dealt with the in-flight merge requests still found there,
the project on Gitorious.org will be deleted.

1,2 = You can read more about this decision and the details of the new
setup here:

3 = http://konversation.kde.org/wiki

Best regards,
Eike Hein

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