[Konversation-devel] [Bug 214346] Konversation crashes when pressing X on title bar

João Eiras joao.eiras at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 01:26:44 CET 2009


--- Comment #1 from João Eiras <joao eiras gmail com>  2009-11-21 01:26:41 ---
To reproduce this, I had the following setup:
 - one account on some irc server
 - one identity bound to the irc server account
   * on the identity dialog I experimented placing a "/nickserv ghost nickname
pw" command on the "pre-shell command" field in the advanced tab (don't ask me
if that's right :p)
 - I tried to connect to the server but it failed, the connection just stalled,
so I closed konversation then and it crashed

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