[konsole] [Bug 407447] Global shortcut for toggling visibility of Konsole

Emil Sedgh bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Fri May 17 10:54:51 BST 2019


--- Comment #12 from Emil Sedgh <emilsedgh at kde.org> ---
Just as a side note, you _can_ have F9 as the shortcut for the app. You would
have to type in F9 in the Shortcut window manually.

I was a heavy user of Yakuake as well up to a few years ago. Everybody loves
Yakuake and Quake style terminals.

I realized the reason I love Yakuake is not because it opens from top-to-bottom
with a nice animation. It's because I can assign it a quick global shortcut and
my mind can remember it.

So I used KWin's Special Application to give all popular apps their own
dedicated shortcuts:

F1 is Chrome
F2 is Dolphin
F3 is Kate
F4 is Telegram
F6 is KMail
F7 is Slack
F9 is Konsole

After a few years of using this setup, I'm pretty much sure that it's the most
productive workflow possible. All apps are always full screen and 1 key away.
And that key is saved into my subconscious that I don't even have to think
about it anymore.

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