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Wed May 8 13:50:38 BST 2019

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  Yeah let's not split things out into more release bundles just for the sake of it, that increases work for no gain.
  The version number issue I doubt we'll get agreement on.  I do strongly feel that unified versions for apps in KDE Applications is a necessary thing because distros use that for their current packages anyway and in the new world we need to give a version number in appstream which gets used in the snap/flatpak/appimage packages else it's just blank in Discover.  But I doubt we'll get consensus there.
  I propose we rename KDE Applications to KDE Apps Bundle.  This is cooler and reduces confusion about apps that are not in the bundle.
  Phab is a great way to hide discussions.  There's no tags for this discussion and I'm not on any project associated with it.  I've only just found this thread.  Sometimes a mailing list is still the best solution.


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