D18606: Close tab on middle mouse button event

Nathaniel Graham noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Jan 31 23:03:41 GMT 2019

ngraham added a comment.

  Is it really that easy to accidentally middle-click on a tab? On most mice, the mouse wheel is really small. I think the likeliest way to accidentally middle-click on a tab when trying to left-click on it is when using a buttonless touchpad with the Libinput driver and the default "Areas" click method, which creates a virtual, invisible middle-click button in the center of the touchpad's bottom edge. This is a really awful UX for other reasons though, not just here. :/
  I think there's something to be said for consistency. Konsole already displays a warning when you try to close a tab with an active process, and that seems like probably enough safety. Konsole is an expert's tool, after all. There's not as much of a need to protect users from themselves when they're using experts-only tools.

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