[konsole] [Bug 403059] shrinking size of tabs

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Thu Jan 10 10:45:51 GMT 2019


--- Comment #1 from tcanabrava at kde.org ---
Hm, I don't think so. But we can try to solve that in another way.
first, if the tabs where small the name on it didn't really matter, so
you can rename your tabs to something that fits. Having only the icon
to identify a tab is not userful and you where switching via mental
model: you remember what's on each tab, so you can switch.

I'll implement a ctrl tab behavior to show all tabs as a list just as
it happens on kate and plasma when you do alt + tab, so switching
multiple tabs are easier.

On 1/10/19, slybzh <bugzilla_noreply at kde.org> wrote:
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=403059
>             Bug ID: 403059
>            Summary: shrinking size of tabs
>            Product: konsole
>            Version: unspecified
>           Platform: Other
>                 OS: Linux
>             Status: REPORTED
>           Severity: wishlist
>           Priority: NOR
>          Component: tabbar
>           Assignee: konsole-devel at kde.org
>           Reporter: mailingprigent at gmail.com
>   Target Milestone: ---
> I am used to open a lot of tabs in konsole while working, and to use
> directory
> names that are quite long. Back in time (a few weeks/month ago) konsole was
> shrinking the size of the tabs and it was possible to fit a lot of them in
> one
> window, now after opening just around 10 tabs, some of them become "hidden".
> I understand that this feature was introduced to keep the tab names
> complete,
> but would it be possible to have an option to restore the previous behavior?
> 1. Create a directory called
> "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
> 2. Open 4/5 tabs in this directory (depending on screen size, I guess)
> One of the tab become "hidden" and scroll is needed to see it again
> Shrinking the name of the directory to fit all tabs in the window.
> Linux/KDE Plasma: Archlinux
> KDE Plasma Version: 5.14.5
> KDE Frameworks Version: 5.53.0
> Qt Version: 5.12.0
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