[konsole] [Bug 373232] Horizontal lines with fractional HiDPI scaling

Bo Simonsen bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Mon Apr 22 16:05:05 BST 2019


--- Comment #78 from Bo Simonsen <bo at geekworld.dk> ---
In case somebody are working on a solution I thought I may add my observations
(has been trying my self to solve it but without luck so far).

1. The lines are actually holes in the painter image/canvas. You may see that
by having a window with a curtain color and put that behind the Konsole, you
may see the "lines" in Konsole have the same colors.
2. Using scaling 1.5, the bug is not reproducible if you only allow even font
sizes, i.e.

    _fontHeight = _fontHeight % 2 ? _fontHeight + 1 : _fontHeight;

after setting _fontHeight in TerminalDisplay::fontChange(const QFont&). This
implies pretty much that the size calculations with respect to _fontHeight
divisions may not be accurate.
3. I really do not think this bug has anything to do with QT, which makes sense
since konsole is still "broken" with QT 5.12.

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