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  In T10812#182252 <https://phabricator.kde.org/T10812#182252>, @cfeck wrote:
  > Yes, we have been trying hard, but did we succeed? Would someone just stop using Okular, because it is shipped with the Plasma bundle instead of the KDE Applications bundle?
  I fear it will happen, yes. Moreover, Plasma bits tend to update their dependecies on base libraries (Qt and Frameworks) at a faster pace than most of the other components. But more important than that it's the branding issue (which why I advocate a change of the name of the bundle).
  > Also, does "Discover" or "Bluedevil" really only work under Plasma?
  That's what the Plasma team decided, and they can decide otherwise. They decided (with reasons) that those components are tightly integrated with the rest of Plasma. This can change, of course; other components were moved out of Plasma over time.
  The discussion about LTS applications it's totally different. No one forces us to provide LTS releases, and from a resource point of view it does not make much sense: most of the applications per of the bundle are independent enough from each other and they don't bump their requirements frequently, so they could be updated by distributions should their policy allow that. But many of them can provide semi-official repositories with updates.
  Talking about CentOS, the direction there is clear: flatpak.


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