How to test for Saving / Restoring Sessions

Tomaz Canabrava tcanabrava at
Wed Apr 3 09:21:17 BST 2019


I know that I broke sessions on the new split code, I have no regrets ;)
But I'm now trying to implement session handling, and that's a bit
annoying as I have no idea how to test them (even using the old
konsole without the splits).

1 - There's no action / shortcut to save the sessions
2 - There's no action / shortcut to restore the sessions

I'v researched a bit on the web and it seems that there's a way using
DBUS (and I belive the reimplementation will break that as from what I
could see you load a file with tab specifications and now the sessions
will be able to handle recursive terminals)

So, a bit of help is appreciated.


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