T10755: Unifying Applications' release versions

Adriaan de Groot noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Apr 3 09:17:56 BST 2019

adridg added a comment.

  So there's subtask //extract version information from CMakeLists.txt//, which implies a few things:
  - going over the applications to check that they actually **do** set their version in the top-level CMakeLists, as part of the `project()` command,
  - check that tooling uses that version consistently,
  - check that the tooling can provide the version information everywhere it's needed.
  This kind of rolls into a best-versioning-practices guide for (CMake-build-based software) things under the KDE umbrella. And it will take a bunch of administrative code-work to get there.
  I randomly looked at kmplot, which (not pointing fingers; this is just **what** it does, which doesn't seem to fit very well with any proposed automation or tooling-for-consistency):
  - no version in CMakeLists.txt `project()`
  - version held in the application code as a `const char*`
  - version repeated in text in the docbook (along with text saying "Applications 19.04")
  - version repeated in text in a manpage
  So that's one community-maintained application that would require quite some massaging to get to whatever automated ideal is chosen.


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