[konsole] [Bug 397381] Grammar/spelling error in Configure Konsole, TabBar

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Indeed "effect" would be the correct word here.

I'd take a step backwards though and question this entire string.

I have Qt 5.9. Why does it say "will have ...", in future tense?

Why would I care that they used to have different meanings, especially if the
UI doesn't state what those meanings were?

Are the next two labels correct now anyway? Or do they correspond to the old
behavior? And what's the new behavior, then? This message makes me totally

Or is the label correct for both Qt versions, just some little detail changed
in the implementation (not _a_ffecting the semantics of the option)?

Why would I care about my Qt version?

Why not just tell me what these options do now, and nothing more? (If
technically required, then decide based on a compile-time or run-time check on
Qt version).

This thing just looks way too technical, very user unfriendly to me.

Maybe it's just me, more of a GNOME guy than a KDE one, usually
following/preferring their UI choices.

Please don't let my rant and overall dislike of this UI block you from quickly
applying the one-letter fix first! :)

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