Review Request 129786: Bug Fix: When triple click is used to select a line, the final LF should not be included.

Aniketh Girish anikethgireesh at
Sat Jan 7 14:07:31 UTC 2017

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Review request for Konsole.

Bugs: 199381

Repository: konsole


While triple clicking to select the words, it was actually selecting the line feed too. So this helps with selecting the words without selecting the line feeds.


  src/Enumeration.h a9fab40d079462c2d7eb75e9fda63c636ae92160 
  src/Profile.cpp 61b9e34678475db344002f592cf8930087d95a0a 
  src/TerminalDisplay.cpp 26b5012d6e7bcf448da1fcde344553594096bae9 




Aniketh Girish

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