[konsole] [Bug 362416] Switching between tabs is slow

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Sat Oct 29 09:53:47 UTC 2016


Lastique <andysem at mail.ru> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
          Component|tabbar                      |kpart
           Severity|major                       |critical

--- Comment #4 from Lastique <andysem at mail.ru> ---
I've upgraded to Kubuntu 16.10 and the problem is still there. What's worse is
that 16.10 ships yakuake 3.0.2, which is now based on KDE Framework 5 and
exhibits the same problem. The additional problem with yakuake is that its
animation is extremely slow and loads CPU (probably, 1 thread 100%). 16.04
shipped yakuake 2.9.9, which was based on KDE4, and it didn't have this
problem. Yakuake is crucial for my workflow and cannot be as easily replaced as

Because the problem is the same in both applications, I assume the problem is
in some common component that comes with KDE5. I'm reassigning it to kpart for
now, feel free to update to a more appropriate component, if needed. I'm also
raising the priority because console functionality is essential and as it is it
is unusable.

I'll also add that the problem does not manifest itself on my other machine
with Intel drivers (it has Kubuntu 16.10 as well).

Please, fix this or advise a workaround. Let me know if I can help fixing it.

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