[konsole] [Bug 369050] Konsole crashs randomly.

Christophe Larsonneur via KDE Bugzilla bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Sat Oct 22 15:43:25 UTC 2016


--- Comment #4 from Christophe Larsonneur <clarsonneur at free.fr> ---
I believe this issue is co-related to DBus:

Look here:
QMessageLogger::fatal (this=this at entry=0x7ffd82b96dd0,
msg=msg at entry=0x7f1f8ed8bba8 "Internal error: got invalid meta type %d (%s)
when trying to convert to meta type %d (%s)") at global/qlogging.cpp:790 #10
0x00007f1f8ed3b1b1 in QDBusConnectionPrivate::deliverCall (this=<optimized
out>, object=<optimized out>, msg=..., metaTypes=..., slotIdx=<optimized out>)
at qdbusintegrator.cpp:940

So, konsole did deal correctly with this internal error and DBus crashed

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