[konsole] [Bug 369050] Konsole crashs randomly.

Maarten ter Huurne via KDE Bugzilla bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Sat Oct 22 05:37:21 UTC 2016


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--- Comment #2 from Maarten ter Huurne <maarten at treewalker.org> ---
I had a crash of Konsole today with a very similar backtrace. However, I had
seen that backtrace before, when kmix crashed, which I reported as bug 370650.
So I think it's a problem in a library rather than in Konsole itself, but I
don't know which library to file it on.

Application: konsole (15.12.3)

Qt Version: 5.7.0
Frameworks Version: 5.27.0
Operating System: Linux 4.1.31-30-default x86_64
Distribution: "openSUSE Leap 42.1 (x86_64)"

Thread 1 (Thread 0x7ff55aef1800 (LWP 2888)):
[KCrash Handler]
#6  0x00007ff55a7870c7 in raise () from /lib64/libc.so.6
#7  0x00007ff55a788478 in abort () from /lib64/libc.so.6
#8  0x00007ff556c57c7e in qt_message_fatal (context=..., message=<synthetic
pointer>) at global/qlogging.cpp:1680
#9  QMessageLogger::fatal (this=this at entry=0x7ffe718dfcb0,
msg=msg at entry=0x7ff5550907b0 "Internal error: got invalid meta type %d (%s)
when trying to convert to meta type %d (%s)") at global/qlogging.cpp:793
#10 0x00007ff5550497f4 in QDBusConnectionPrivate::deliverCall
(this=0x7ff5400039c0, object=0x2562680, msg=..., metaTypes=..., slotIdx=11) at
#11 0x00007ff556e4cdc6 in QObject::event (this=0x2562680, e=<optimized out>) at
#12 0x00007ff557adaa9c in QApplicationPrivate::notify_helper (this=<optimized
out>, receiver=0x2562680, e=0x7ff54000c230) at kernel/qapplication.cpp:3799
#13 0x00007ff557ae1a20 in QApplication::notify (this=0x7ffe718e0470,
receiver=0x2562680, e=0x7ff54000c230) at kernel/qapplication.cpp:3556
#14 0x00007ff556e235c5 in QCoreApplication::notifyInternal2
(receiver=0x2562680, event=event at entry=0x7ff54000c230) at
#15 0x00007ff556e25623 in QCoreApplication::sendEvent (event=0x7ff54000c230,
receiver=<optimized out>) at kernel/qcoreapplication.h:231
#16 QCoreApplicationPrivate::sendPostedEvents (receiver=receiver at entry=0x0,
event_type=event_type at entry=0, data=0x2217eb0) at
#17 0x00007ff556e25b68 in QCoreApplication::sendPostedEvents
(receiver=receiver at entry=0x0, event_type=event_type at entry=0) at
#18 0x00007ff556e726e3 in postEventSourceDispatch (s=0x229c3c0) at
#19 0x00007ff54fcb5c84 in g_main_dispatch (context=0x7ff540002450) at
#20 g_main_context_dispatch (context=context at entry=0x7ff540002450) at
#21 0x00007ff54fcb5ed8 in g_main_context_iterate
(context=context at entry=0x7ff540002450, block=block at entry=1,
dispatch=dispatch at entry=1, self=<optimized out>) at gmain.c:3808
#22 0x00007ff54fcb5f7c in g_main_context_iteration (context=0x7ff540002450,
may_block=1) at gmain.c:3869
#23 0x00007ff556e71f2c in QEventDispatcherGlib::processEvents (this=0x222df80,
flags=...) at kernel/qeventdispatcher_glib.cpp:423
#24 0x00007ff556e2189b in QEventLoop::exec (this=this at entry=0x7ffe718e0330,
flags=..., flags at entry=...) at kernel/qeventloop.cpp:210
#25 0x00007ff556e29696 in QCoreApplication::exec () at
#26 0x00007ff55ab22e87 in kdemain () from /usr/lib64/libkdeinit5_konsole.so
#27 0x00007ff55a773b25 in __libc_start_main () from /lib64/libc.so.6
#28 0x00000000004007ee in _start ()

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