[konsole] [Bug 343803] Konsole keeps running in background after closing window with nvidia drivers

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I have started to see the issue on a Kubuntu Yakkety (16.10) machine that uses
Nvidia Quadro FX 570 graphics. The graphics card is supported by the Nvidia 340
legacy driver. The software included in Yakkety is plasma 5.7.5, framework
5.26.0, konsole 16.04.3, QT 5.6.1.

The symptoms seem to be exactly those described here. Closing the konsole a
process is left behind, in my case using 100% cpu. Furthermore, there are
occasional crashes of the konsole on exit due to issues with corrupted double
linked lists.

Moving to the noveau driver resolves both the issues (but brings in other
problems on its own).

The interesting part is that the same machine with exactly the same hardware,
was not showing this issue with ubuntu Xenial, while others report the issue
also on Xenial.

I thus wonder if the bug may be triggered by some sort of race or
ordering/timings in which events occur, that may be influenced by both the
hardware and the software stack. If this is the case, the fixing of the issue
in the most recent Nvidia drivers could be just luck. For sure, the issue is
still present with the latest Nvidia 340 drivers, so please reopen.

Even if this is a bug with the Nvidia legacy opengl implementation, avoiding
triggering the issue in the beginning in the konsole would be the best. This
should be possible as the Qt terminal is reported not to have any issue.

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