[konsole] [Bug 196998] Konsole should reflow the text when resizing

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Mon Oct 10 21:33:31 UTC 2016


--- Comment #28 from Egmont Koblinger <egmont at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Shawn Rutledge from comment #24)

> What I would like is a checkbox to toggle between reflowing text, and having
> a horizontal scrollbar. 

For my basic thoughts on horizontal scrollbar see
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=769440. In addition: your model/view
idea is a nice one and is implementable, but some apps will sure seem to be
quite broken or at least behave in ways it's hard to justify. E.g. you press
the Up arrow and expect the cursor to go up, whereas actually it goes to the
left by 80 columns (because it moved up in the model, but it's flattened to the
same row in the view).

> If urxvt can wrap text in so little code, wrapping can't be that hard.

urxvt only rewraps on resize if you've already reached a screenful of text -- I
have absolutely no idea what could have been the rationale behind that.

In urxvt if you switch to the alternate screen (e.g. vim, mc), resize and then
quit, the contents will not be properly rewrapped. Gnome Terminal (VTE) gets
this right.

I'm afraid there might easily be other issues with urxvt's rewrapping. I
haven't tested it any further than these, I'm just assuming this based on
seeing how complex it was to get it right, and seeing the just-mentioned
problems with urxvt as well as the ones I've mentioned earlier with

The amount of code and the complexity are not strongly correlated. In VTE I
implemented rewrapping with a reasonably small(ish) amount of code, but trying
to get all the details right it was one of the most complicated ones I've ever
written in my life.

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